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The Ombitron Business Intelligence Engine provides enterprises with the tools to quickly and cost effectively take ideas from prototype to commercial deployment. We make it easy to gather and utilize data from remote endpoints and drive critical business intelligence for the enterprise. In addition, we optimize the performance of the deployment in the field, increasing uptime and reducing expensive truck rolls.

We provide a full platform

Metrics Processing

Ombitron metrics processing engine allows timeseries data to stored from large scale sensor deployments using: HTTP, MQTT, CoAP. Built-in timeseries aggregation allows for powerful analysis, time interpolation, and alert triggering. If security is a concern data points can be transmitted encrypted using AES 256 encryption. Simple REST APIs make it easy to integrate this service data into existing and new applications.

Device Connection Management

The Device Connection Management service provides a dashboard view, alerting, and management of your entire IoT deployment. In addition to high level information such as uptime, data usage, and signal strength, the service provides detailed insight into cellular connectivity including error rates, registration and base station. For further debugging remote commands can be sent to modems to address connectivity issues without rolling a truck. When used to manage E-Series hardware this interface can also be used to deploy firmware and application code update remotely to your fleet.


Vertical Solutions

Ombitron has built out full vertical dashboard solutions for refrigeration monitoring using E-Series hardware and the Ombitron Cloud Platform for a variety of industries.

Ombitron and its partners can help you leverage the Ombitron Platform to quickly build custom solutions and prototypes to address your companies IoT concerns